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New paper in PLOS Sustainability and Transformation journal

Another journal paper to come out of my ongoing collaboration with Alan Dorin and colleagues at Monash University on agent-based models of pollination dynamics is published today in PLOS Sustainability and Transformation.

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Barricelli's final paper on Artificial Life available here!

In Chapter 5 of Rise of the Self-Replicators I discuss Nils Aall Barricelli’s pioneering work in the 1950s on evolving self-replicating digital organisms. There I mention his final paper on the topic, published in 1987 and entitled Suggestions for the starting of numeric evolution processes to evolve symbioorganisms capable of developing a language and technology of their own.

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Speaking at Cambridge University on Darwin and the Machine

I am excited to be travelling down to Cambridge University this week to participate in the Histories of Artificial Intelligence Winter Symposium. I will be presenting a talk entitled Darwin and the Machine: Evolutionary influences in 19th and early 20th century visions of superintelligent AI, and their relevance today.

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New web version of book available to read online for free!

I am delighted to announce the launch today of a new, open-access web version of our book, Rise of the Self-Replicators, which can be read for free online.

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Review of our book in the Technology and Culture journal

I am really pleased to see another good review of our book Rise of the Self-Replicators in a journal a little further away from my home discipline of Artificial Life. Yulia Frumer’s review appears in the latest issue of the Technology and Culture journal.

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