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New eBook Version of Early Sci-Fi Adventure Now Available!

I am pleased to announce that my publishing company, Enchanted Bit, has released a new ebook version of the 1903 biological sci-fi adventure The Prots: A Weird Romance.

Full details, including links to purchase the book in either ebook or paperback from Amazon, can be found on the book’s home page on the Enchanted Bit website.

The book tells the story of insurance clerk Jack Granton, who spends his evenings chasing a dream of creating life in a test tube. One night, after many failed experiments, a mistake when measuring reactants for his next attempt results in the appearance of hundreds of tiny, fast-moving jelly-like creatures. Over the following hours of observation under the microscope, the creatures are seen to be not only multiplying in number but also growing in size and developing into more complex forms. The story follows the adventures of Granton and his friend and faithful supporter Montague Dudbroke as the creatures continue to grow in size and require progressively more elaborate care and accommodation. Their development attracts the attention of the scientific world, fulfilling Granton’s desire to be taken seriously as a scientist. However, not all of the attention is of a benevolent nature…

The Prots: A Weird Romance was originally published in 1903, attributed to the pseudonymous author “Dudbroke” (the true identity of the author is unknown). The book has never been republished until now. This new edition, published one hundred and twenty years after the original, includes a foreword by me. The edition makes this early example of science fiction involving the evolution of synthetic life available once again to readers interested in early science fiction, and to those who simply enjoy a good old-fashioned adventure!