About me

Tim Taylor portrait

I am a scientist, author, and coder of artificial life technology, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have particular interests in open-ended evolution, web-based artificial life, and the history of artificial life.

In 2020 I wrote a book (with Alan Dorin) on the early history of thinking about machines that can reproduce and evolve.

In late 2023 I launched the Enchanted Bit website to showcase some of my projects and side-projects on topics relating to Artificial Life and more.

Over the years I have held research positions in various universities in the UK and Australia. In recent times I have generally worked part-time on specific contracts while leaving some time for me to pursue my own research and writing interests as an independent researcher.

Currently I am working as an independent researcher, learning some new programming skills for multiplatform (web/mobile/desktop) development, and developing new research in the areas of open-ended evolution and evolutionary developmental systems. I am happy to discuss potential positions in suitable research labs. I also work part-time as an associate examiner for the University of London International Programmes.

I am an elected board member of the International Society for Artificial Life. Over the last few years I have co-organised a series of workshops on open-ended evolution. Full details of these and other academic organisational and administrative activities can be found here.