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Rise of the Self-Replicators

Early Visions of Machines, AI and Robots That Can Reproduce and Evolve

Tim Taylor and Alan Dorin


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As provided for in our publishing agreement with Springer, we are pleased to offer a free author-formatted PDF version of the entire book. Download it here.

The process of researching, writing and publishing the book spanned six years from 2014-2020. I did this, like all of my work on Artificial Life, unpaid, between part-time contracts for universities. If you enjoy the book and are in a position to do so, please consider giving me a small tip via the Buy Me a Coffee link below. Any financial support, no matter how small, is very much appreciated and will enable me to continue this work. Thank you!

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Do you prefer reading books in physical form, but can't afford the Springer prices? I currently have a small number of paperback copies of the author-formatted version of the book. These are professionally produced using the self-publishing firm Lulu. Due to our publishing contract with Springer you won't find these on the Lulu store, so if you are interested in obtaining a copy please contact me directly at .